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Walking Network Improvements


LIGHTER Infrastructure, AFFORDABLE Improvements, EFFECTIVE Solutions (LAE)
Delivering walking improvements sooner for Mareeba Shire

Mareeba Shire Council will soon be implementing a pilot project installing improvements to the walking/cycling network to increase walkability in Mareeba.

Mareeba LAE will achieve a 4.5km route connecting Mareeba’s Amaroo area and the Bicentennial Lakes / High School area.

Lighter Affordable Effective (LAE) is a concept based on implementing community-identified, small-scale projects that test ideas and solutions.

Using this approach means that costs and timeframes are usually able to be reduced to deliver improvements sooner. This approach also allows for modifications to be made quickly and easily if required – or replaced if necessary – without incurring the substantial costs associated with traditional infrastructure projects.

The Mareeba LAE project will introduce new walking/cycling lanes, upgrade existing footpaths and intersections, improve road crossings, provide kerb ramps for accessibility as well as fill in the ‘missing links’ in the walking route between Amaroo Park and the intersection of Lloyd and Walsh Streets.

Sites that have been selected for the LAE improvements are:

  1. Constance and Atherton Street Intersection – safer pedestrian crossings.
  2. Lloyd and Constance Street intersection – a new accessible kerb ramp and crossing upgrades.
  3. Lloyd and Walsh Street intersection – new kerb ramps for accessibility and a pedestrian island/ safety refuge will be installed.
  4. Ceola Drive – a walking/cycling lane along the western side of Ceola Drive. Barrier edging and new sections of footpath will protect pedestrians from vehicles.
  5. Anzac Avenue – a walking lane and marked parking bays at the missing connection near Durston Street.

These sites support Council’s Walking Network Plan for Mareeba and Anzac Avenue Local Area Traffic Management Plan. The improvements include those identified by the local community during the walking network plan development.

Council hopes that by testing cost-effective, lighter, affordable and effective ideas, the walking and cycling needs of the Mareeba community will be improved sooner.

The Mareeba LAE project is proudly supported by the Queensland Government’s Cycle Network Local Government Grants Program.