Council’s Local Law No.3 (Community and Environmental Management), prohibits the lighting of a fire, other than for cooking purposes within 100m of a residence.

Where a fire is lit it must not cause a nuisance to the neighbours. This means appropriate fuel must be used to ensure that the fire burns quickly and is not left to smoulder.

Permits to Burn

Council does not issue permits to light fires, only the Queensland Fire & Emergency Services (QFES) issues permits for fires. If you are requesting to burn vegetation you will need to ensure that you can provide adequate information to the officers at QFES to enable them to assess your application.  Contact QFES on 13 74 68.

Approval and Notification Requirements

In some cases you may be seeking approval to burn off adjacent to or incorporating land under the control of council. In these cases you will need to seek the approval of Council.

If you have a permit to burn and Council is an adjacent land owner you are required to call and notify Council of the permit details.