Councillors are nominated representatives on a range of community committees and advisory groups across the Mareeba Shire. A full list of Councillor appointments can be viewed here.

Audit Committee

The main objective of the Audit Committee is to assist Council in fulfilling it’s corporate governance role and oversight of financial management and reporting responsibilities imposed under the Financial and Performance Management Standard 2009, the Queensland Local Government Act 2009 and other relevant legislation.

Advisory Committees

Council also works closely with the following Advisory Committees to ensure services meet community expectations:

  • Kuranda Infrastructure Advisory Committee (KIAC)
  • Great Wheelbarrow Race Committee

Handbook for Advisory Committees

Kuranda Infrastructure Advisory Committee

The purpose of KIAC is to advise Council on the implementation of funds from the Kuranda Infrastructure Levy in line with the agreement between Mareeba Shire Council and the State.

KIAC Terms of Reference

Great Wheelbarrow Race Committee

The purpose of the Great Wheelbarrow Race Committee is to organise the annual Great Wheelbarrow Race event, under the direction of Council’s Corporate Communications Officer.

Great Wheelbarrow Race Committee Charter