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Do you know you can receive your Rate Notice via email?

Ratepayers can receive their rate notices direct to their nominated email address rather than through the post.  There is no charge for this service.

To apply for this service, please complete the online form or download the Application for eRates form.

Have your details changed?

It is important to keep your details up to date with Council.  Only ratepayers whose names are shown on the properties can authorise a change of mailing address.  Any changes must be notified in writing and can be forward to Council via letter, email or by completing the online form, or download the Notification of Change of Address form and forward to Council.  Failure to update your details may result in notices being posted to the wrong address.

Have you changed your name?

Council cannot change a name record as our records need to reflect what is recorded at the Titles Office.  Please contact the Department of Resources for more information.