Mareeba Shire Council levies and collects rates to raise revenue for the provision of essential services and infrastructure to the community. These services include but are not limited to roads, drainage, water and sewerage infrastructure, waste collection facilities and public facilities such as parks and libraries. If you own land, are the lessee of State owned land, or the holder of Mining Leases or Claims, you are liable for the payment of rates.

The General Rate is calculated by multiplying the rate set by Council by the unimproved value of the land set by the Department of Natural Resources. It provides funds for services and upkeep of shire assets that are available to all residents, for example parks and gardens, road maintenance, libraries, street lighting, public halls, aged pensioner accommodation and administration.

Discount on Rates

Discount on General Rates will only be allowed if the total payable (shown on your most current Rates Notice) is paid in full and funds received by Council by the discount Due Date. It is strongly recommended that payment is not left until the discount Due Date as Council does not take responsibility for the late processing of electronic payments by third parties.

Pensioner Rates Remissions

If you are the holder of a current Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card or a Department of Veteran’s Affairs Gold Card, and reside at your property permanently, you may be eligible for Pensioner Rates Remissions. To apply, download a copy of Council’s Application for Pensioner Rates Remissions below and return it to Council. In order to confirm your eligibility for Pensioner Rates Remissions, a copy of your Pensioner Concession Card or Gold Card must be attached to the form.

Frequently Asked Questions

- Can I pay my rates and water usage in advance?

Yes, Council allows you to pay into your rates account prior to the issue of a rate levy. All advanced payments will show as a credit balance brought forward on your notice.

- What can I do if I cannot pay by the Due Date?

If you are unable to pay the amount by the due date, please contact Council on 1300 308 461 to make arrangements to pay your rates. Please note that interest will begin to accrue at the rate of 8.17%p.a. calculated daily on any amounts unpaid from the first day following the due date.

- Changing your address?

It is the ratepayers responsibility to ensure that Council has the correct mailing address for all notices. Change of address notification must be in writing and can be forwarded to Council via letter, fax or email. Failure to comply with this requirement may result in notices being posted to the wrong address.

- Can I receive my rates notice electronically (eRates)?

Yes , please complete and submit below form at least three (3) weeks prior to rate notices being issued to ensure your data is updated on Council’s Rating System. Please note rate notices are issued twice yearly in mid February and mid August.

Rates Applications & Forms

Adjustment of Water Consumption384.52 KB Application Form
Application for Pensioner Rate Remission560.24 KB Application Form
Application for Remission for Not for Profit Organisations471.11 KB Application Form
Application for Water and Waste Concession for Home Renal Dialysis1.63 MB Application Form
Arrangement to Pay Rates260.25 KB Application Form
Exemption of Additional Service Charges204.69 KB Application Form
Funds Transfer Between Properties153.98 KB Application Form
Objection Against Rating Categorisation163.36 KB Application Form
Property Search Request303.92 KB Application Form
Rates – Application for eRates1.57 MB Application Form
Request for Rate Refund183.87 KB Application Form