Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I receive the discount if I only paid one day late? 

Council provides 30 days for arrangements to be made and several different payment options to ensure payments are received by the due date.  Information on the discount is provided on the back of the rate notice and is advertised across a number of media channels during the rating period. To ensure consistency and transparency with all property owners in the region, Council strictly follows the discount procedure as set out in the Revenue Statement and mentioned on the rate notice.

I have received a letter from Collection House regarding my outstanding rates. Why have I been sent this letter?

You may have been sent a letter from Council’s Debt Recovery Agency. This letter relates to your outstanding rates, where an arrangement to pay has not been entered into.

Can I still pay my rates in full if I have received a letter from Collection House? 

Yes, you can still pay your rates in full. Please contact Council via telephone or email to obtain the outstanding amount and you must make payment the same day.

Please note that Council staff will accept any payment towards your outstanding rates and charges, if you pay less than the full amount outstanding, you are still required to contact the recovery agent on your letter to make a payment arrangement.

Council staff are unable to discuss or make a new payment arrangement if you have received a letter from a recovery agent.

Why is the amount provided by Council different to the amount on the letter from the Recovery Agent? 

The amount provided by Council is the most recent amount outstanding including interest and legal charges.

What if I have sold my property?

Council updates property ownership transfers when we are notified by the Department of Resources. If you have recently sold your property and receive a Rate Notice, do not pay the notice as it will be billed to the new owner once we have been notified of the transfer. Please refer to your conveyancer if you have any questions. Please note this may take up to six weeks after settlement for Council to be advised of change of ownership.

Why have I received a supplementary rate notice?

Supplementary rate notices are issued by Council when there has been a change to the rating record since the last half-yearly rate notice.  Common adjustments are made to general rates and utility charges.  The changes are usually calculated on a pro-rata basis from the date the changes take effect.

Examples of general rates adjustments are:

  • Change in the rateable valuation of the property as issued by the Department of Resources, such as new valuations, cancelled valuations and increases or decreases.
  • Change of land use.
  • Reconfiguration of a lot including subdivisions.

Examples of utility / service adjustments are:

  • Commencement of a mobile bin service.
  • A variation in the number of mobile bins.
  • Adjustment of water/sewerage charges due to the completion of building or structures.

All adjustments processed are in accordance with section 109 to 115 of the Local Government Regulation 2012.

Why am I paying water and sewerage charges on my property which is vacant and not connected? 

Your property is capable of being connected to Council’s water and sewerage systems and these charges cover the costs of providing and maintain the systems ready for connection. You will not have been charged for any actual water use, as no water is entering or leaving the property.

Can I request a copy of previous rate notices?

Yes, to obtain a copy of your rate notice, the request may be submitted in writing, by email, in person or by telephone.  Copy of notices are only available to the ratepayer or by authority from the owner.

Are my rates subject to GST?

No, rates and charges that appear on your rate notice are exempt from GST.

eNotices Frequently Asked Questions

What is eNotices?

eNotices is an online portal which allows you to register and view your notices. Once you register your notices will then be delivered to your email address when they are issued next.

What notices will be in my eNotices account?

You can add multiple properties onto your account. Some of these are added automatically after registering but others may require you to add them manually.

To manually add a notice to your account, go to the Profile tab in the top right of the Dashboard. Under the ‘Accounts’ tab you can add the eNotices Reference Number in the ‘Input eNotices Reference Number’ section

If you experience difficulties with this, please contact us via or call 1300 308 461.

Why is the “Mobile Phone Number” a required field?

You will need to register a mobile phone number in order to receive SMS reminders for when notices have been sent out.  You can also retrieve a forgotten password for your account via mobile phone.

Where is my eNotices Reference Number? / It says my eNotices Reference Number is invalid

The eNotices Reference Number is unique to your notice and is located on the back of your notice.

If you are having problems with your eNotices Reference Number, please ensure you have not made a typo when entering the reference number.  You must use the reference number from the most recent notice you have received, older notices will have outdated reference numbers.

I did not receive my email validation link

Please double check the email address you entered was correct.  If so, please check the junk and spam folders in your email account. If you still have not received it, please contact us on 1300 308 461.

I forgot my password

You can reset your password using the ‘Forgot Password’ button on the login page here

Could my notice go to my junk/spam folder?

While we do all we can to ensure your notice goes directly to your inbox, it is possible that it will go into another folder such as ‘Promotions’ ‘Updates’ or ‘Junk/Spam’. Please check your junk/spam folders and mark the sender as safe to receive future notices to your inbox.

Can I unsubscribe from emailed notices?

If you no longer wish to receive your notices by email, you can choose to receive them by paper. Under the ‘Accounts’ tab on your Profile in the Dashboard you can elect your delivery method. If you choose post, notices will be issues to the last advised mailing address via standard post.

Can I register to receive notices from multiple properties?

If you have multiple properties with Mareeba Shire Council under identical names and postal address, then these properties will be automatically grouped and added to your account. If you have additional properties with Mareeba Shire Council under different names or postal addresses, then you can add these notices to your account in the ‘Accounts’ tab in the Profile section of the Dashboard.

If you have registered multiple properties with different names and postal addresses, then you will receive one email for each property – one property, one email, one attachment.

How can I update my email address?

To change your email address, go to the ‘Profile’ tab on the eNotices Dashboard. Then enter your new email address and click Save.

To ensure your future notices are sent to this new email, you will need to resend the verification link to your new email address. Return to the Profile page and click the ‘Resend Verification’ button. You will now be sent an automated verification email, follow the prompts in this to ensure your new email address is approved.

Can notices be emailed to more than one person?

Yes, once you have registered to receive your notices via email, you can add additional email addresses to receive the notices.

To do this, go to the ‘Emails’ tab in the Profile section of the Dashboard. Here you can input additional email addresses to send the notice to, just type in the email address and click ‘Add’.

How do I recover my account if I change my email and password?

If you need to change your account email and password, please ensure you change your email first.  If you change the password before your email, and you no longer monitor your previous email, you may be locked out of the account.  You will then need to contact the Council to update your email for you.

If you have any further questions, please contact us via or call 1300 308 461.