What is Trade Waste?

Trade Waste is liquid waste from businesses, trade or manufacturing premises, other than stormwater. This includes wastewater from restaurants, cafes, butchers, workshops, shopping centres, hairdressers, medical facilities etc.

Approval is required to discharge any trade waste into the sewer and Council may include conditions with the approval. Trade waste charges apply and are included on the bi-annual rate notice. This allows Council to protect its sewer infrastructure, treatment plants, staff and the environment.

Some businesses may be required to install and maintain pre-treatment infrastructure before connection to the sewer.

The property owner responsible for:

  • Payment of charges in bi-annual rates notice.

The Trade Waste Generator is responsible for:

  • Applying for trade waste approval;
  • Ensuring compliance with conditions;
  • Maintenance of infrastructure;
  • Advising Council of changes to the business; and
  • Payment of initial trade waste application charges.