Council as part of its budgetary process and under the legislation of the Local Government Act is required to adopt a Schedule of Fees and Charges each year.

Section 97 of Local Government Act 2009 prescribes the circumstances where a Local Government may set a cost-recovery fee. This section also prescribes that a cost- recovery fee must not be more than the cost to the local government of taking the action for which the fee is charged. Costs for services are reviewed annually, with the full cost recovery model applied wherever possible. The cost recovery fees represent the cost recovery fees set by Council at the date of the budget resolution. Council may alter any of the cost recovery fees in this booklet by resolution at any time prior to the next budget resolution. The cost recovery fees in this resolution have been set by reference to specified exemptions from GST determined by the Federal Government under Division 81 of the GST legislation. Council reserves the right to alter the GST status of any cost recovery fee in accordance with any changes made to the Division 81 list. All cost-recovery fees detailed are fixed in accordance with relevant State Government legislation, Council’s Local Laws and Council policies.

Please note the following in regard to below fees and charges:

  • Note 1: Animal Management and Environmental Health – Where an application fee is paid for an annual approval or annual licence on or after 1 April the fees set for the following financial year are to be used and an extended expiry is to be applied to the particular approval.
  • Note 2: Planning Urban and Regional – If the development application is submitted within 12 months of a pre-lodgement the enquiry fee will be discounted from the development application fee, subject to the development application being substantially consistent with the pre-lodgement enquiry.
  • Note 3: Waste – No Asbestos or Wet Paint will be accepted at any Landfill or Transfer Station