Cats are popular pets and we wish to encourage responsible pet ownership, effectively manage cats and enhance community safety.

Local Laws

Mareeba Shire Council has laws and regulations (Local Law 2) concerning animals. It is an offence to:

  • Keep more than two cats on any property
  • To allow cats to wander onto public or other private property
  • Or to keep cats without a microchip

Failure to abide by these laws and regulations may lead to your cat being impounded and you could be fined. For more information, refer to Council’s Local Laws.

Microchip and desex your cat

  • Cats born after 1 July 2009 must be microchipped before three months old
  • Cats born before 1 July 2009 need to be microchipped if they are being sold or given away
  • De-sexing is encouraged, but not compulsory

It is an offence to keep a cat without a microchip and you may be fined for this however the main reason for microchipping your cat is to increase the chance of being reunited with your cat if it is lost or impounded.

If your cat is not microchipped and is impounded privately or by Council you may not be able to be reunited with your cat quickly.  There is a chance that without a microchip to identify that it has an owner it may be considered to be a stray or feral cat.

Cat enclosures

Confine your cat to your property.

To prevent nuisance to your neighbours and to protect our local wildlife, we encourage that you confine your cat at night. Cats are most active at night, and especially at dusk and dawn. This coincides with activity periods for much of our Australian wildlife, placing native animals at risk. Pets can, and do, kill wildlife.

Stray cats will be delivered to the Council Pound where they will be held for a short period. If you have lost your pet, contact the Pound or check Councils website for impounded animals.

There are lots of ways to create a cat enclosure:

  • Adapt an aviary
  • Enclose a section of your veranda with chicken wire
  • Build a cat proof fence by attaching small gauge chicken wire to the top of an existing fence and angled into your property (neighbours consent should be sought before modifying the top of an adjoining fence)

Don’t forget, enclosed cats always need food, water, a litter tray and a warm sleeping area. For longer periods in a cat enclosure, try giving your cat:

  • Climbing and scratching poles with perches
  • Window perches to sunbathe
  • Shelter from the sun, wind, rain, cold and hot weather
  • Cat toys to encourage exercise!