Mareeba Shire Council is currently taking a managed approach to monitor flying fox roosts and to ensure that any dispersal methods are carried out in accordance with the State Government Department of Environment and Heritage Protection Guidelines and Policies. These documents can be viewed on the Department’s following website.

Contact Council

Where flying foxes are roosted adjacent to/or on your property and are creating a nuisance please call Council on 1300 308 461 to discuss the impacts and options available to you.

Importance of Flying Foxes on the Environment

Flying foxes are crucial to keeping native forests healthy. They play an important role in dispersing seeds and pollinating flowering plants. Flying foxes’ high mobility makes them very effective as forest pollinators. Pollen sticks to their furry bodies and as they crawl from flower to flower, and fly from tree to tree, they pollinate the flowers and aid in the production of honey.

Injured Flying Foxes

Mareeba Shire Council Officers conduct regular inspections of roost sites however if you find an injured bat or flying fox, please contact RSPCA on (1300 264 625) or a local wildlife carer, or the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection (1300 130 372) for assistance.

Further Information

Please see links below for Council Fact Sheets providing further information regarding flying foxes.