Australia Day Awards 2021

Council holds annual Australia Day Awards to celebrate the outstanding achievements of individuals and groups in the region. Nominations must be received by 3.00pm Tuesday 15 December 2020.

The judging panel will determine awards based upon application, in order of merit. The panel will award a group, event or citizen of its choice with an Australia Day Award. Awards will be given for outstanding contribution in the sporting, community and cultural fields.

Australia Day Awards 2020

Citizen of the Year: Joe Moro
Junior Citizen of the Year: Alexis Ford
Cultural Award: Julatten Theatre Group
Community Event of the Year: Lions International 201Q2 Zone 2 Tablelands District Convention
Sporting Club of the Year: Mareeba Gymnastics Club
Community Group of the Year: Mareeba PCYC Seniors Club
Special Commendation: Western Progress Association Inc. Watsonville
Community Service Person of the Year: Janette Hodgkinson
Sports Administrator of the Year: Terrinette Neilson
Senior Sportsperson of the Year: Wayne Bryde
Highly Commended: Qamile Myrteza
Highly Commended: Susi Wahjuningrum
Junior Sportsperson of the Year: Jake Bombardieri
Junior Cultural Award: Roeith Geraghty

Australia Day Awards 2019

Citizen of the Year: Eddie Toffanello
Young Citizen of the Year: Joshua Theakston
Sports Award: Patricia Spry
Junior Sports Award: Declan Wason
Arts & Cultural Award: Samantha Malcolm
Junior Visual Arts & Cultural Award: Jasmine Grogan
Junior Performing Arts & Cultural Award: Cole Wyatt
Community Service Award: Natasha Srhoj
Junior Community Service Award: Finnian Weaver
Special Award: Elwyn Troughton
Community Organisation of the Year: Mareeba Gymnastics Club

Australia Day Awards 2018

Citizen of the Year: Pam Strelnikoff
Young Citizen of the Year: Bradley Newlands
Senior Sports Award: Paddy McLean
Junior Sports Award: Lachlan Ford, Highly Commended: Jake Simpson
Senior Arts and Cultural Award: Carmelina Niceforo
Junior Arts and Cultural Award: Kiara Cabassi
Senior Community Service Award: Di Curtis, Highly Commended: Megan O’Brien
Junior Community Service Award: Mateen Latif, Highly Commended: Elena Pilat
Environmental Excellence Award: Del Richards
Community Organisation of the Year: Mareeba Mountain Goats

Australia Day Awards 2017

Citizen of the Year: Jim Blakeney
Young Citizen of the Year: Katelyn Dickinson and ate Wilcox
Senior Sports: Jennifer McCarthy
Junior Sports:
Tyler Ius, Callum McCarthy (Highly Commended), Neil Prince (Highly Commended)
Arts and Cultural Award: Kiara Cabassi
Senior Community Service: Grant Bell and St Thomas’s Mareeba Debutante Ball Committee
Junior Community Service: Mareeba State High School Student Representative Committee
Environmental Excellence: Envirocare