Council aims to provide a continuous, reliable water supply to our customers, however there are times when the system is interrupted for maintenance, new developments or emergency repairs.

Interruptions to water services can be due to planned or unplanned works or water projects.

Unplanned water supply outages generally occur due to a leak or broken water mains. In some instances, we need to temporarily disconnect the water supply to surrounding areas so the pipe can be repaired. If an unplanned interruption happens in your area, Council’s Water Services Team will work as quickly as possible to restore your water service. During these events Council will notify residents via social media and on its webpage.

Planned water service interruptions generally occur due to programmed maintenance or to upgrade our network to minimise the number of and duration of unplanned interruptions. For upgrades to be carried out temporary disconnection of water supply is required. If a water interruption is planned for your area, you will receive a notice in your letterbox indicating the date, time, expected duration and reason for the interruption. Details are also posted on social media and our webpage.

Water Service Outage Map

Note, markers on the map below indicate the approximate area affected by an outage. Please click on the markers to see more information, or refer to the list of outages further down on this page.

Water discolouration following water interruption

In some instances, your water may appear milky after a water interruption. This is caused by small air bubbles in the pipes. If you have discoloured water, we recommend water from the closest tap to the water meter is run for a few minutes or until your water runs clear to release any air.

Should water remain dirty more than 10 minutes after, please report to council on 1300 308 461 as we may need to investigate further.