Water Infrastructure and Treatment

All water supply schemes across the region have chlorination as a minimum (excluding Mt Molloy)

Daily testing ensures reporting and quality standards are maintained and risks identified quickly, such as E. Coli levels.

Water treatment plants are located at Chillagoe, Dimbulah, Kuranda, and Mareeba. Mt Molloy does not have water treatment facilities.


Mareeba Shire Council Water and Wastewater Customer Service Standards can be viewed here.

Mareeba Shire Council Drinking Water Service Annual Report can be viewed here.

Statewide Water Information Management (SWIM) Report can be viewed here.

Mains Flushing

Council maintains an annual mains flushing program throughout the Mareeba Shire. Generally reticulation networks that have water treatment plants as the water source are maintained on a tri-annual basis whilst the remaining reticulation networks are maintained on a 12 month to 2 year cycle.

During this process there is an interruption to supply, however residents will be advised well in advance of this activity.

Water Consumption Notices

Water Meters are read twice a year, in January and July. Water Consumption Notices are then issued, in February and August, with the Rates Notices. These Notices are issued to the owner or ratepayer of the property. Water Consumption is levied on a two-tiered basis with a lower charge per kilolitre for water consumption up to the First Tier Limit and a higher charge per kilolitre for consumption above the First Tier Limit.

Be Water Wise

Water is a precious resource and we need to conserve it now and in the future. By changing some of your habits, you can save water, money and the environment.