Mareeba Shire Council manages and maintains a number of cemeteries:

  • Almaden, Burke Development Road
  • Chillagoe, Aerodrome Road
  • Dimbulah, Sandy Creek Road
  • Irvinebank, Herberton-Petford Road
  • Kuranda, Kennedy Highway
  • Mareeba New, Mareeba-Dimbulah Road
  • Mareeba Old, Costin Street (interment of ashes only)
  • Mt Carbine, Mulligan Highway
  • Mt Molloy, Bakers Road
  • Watsonville, Herberton-Irvinebank Road

Council accommodates a range of interments at these cemeteries, including:  Full Grave Slab, Lawn Headstone on Beam, Lawn Plaque on Beam, Columbarium Wall, Vault Above Ground, Vault Below Ground, Mausoleum Wall and Mausoleum Free Standing.  Please refer Available Interment Types  to see what is offered in each cemetery. Mareeba New Cemetery Layout can be viewed – Map.

Full Grave Slab

The memorial in this section allows for the traditional headstone and slab, which must not exceed 1.2m wide x 2.4m long x 1.2m high.

Headstone on Beam

A headstone on beam memorial combines a lawn burial with a headstone monument. The headstone is installed on a common Beam. The headstone cannot exceed 1.2m wide x 300mm deep x 700mm high.

Lawn Plaque on Beam

The memorial in this section features a bronze plaque attached to a common beam instead of traditional headstones or monuments.

Columbarium Wall

The columbarium wall at the Dimbulah, Kuranda and Mareeba New cemeteries allows for the interment of ashes.  The memorial in this section is restricted to a bronze plaque fixed to the wall.

Vault Above Ground/ Vault Below Ground

A vault is a cement structure which can be placed either above or below the ground.

Mausoleum Wall

A free-standing mausoleum is an above ground structure usually dedicated to a family and is available at Mareeba New and Dimbulah cemeteries. A plot is purchased, and a private certifier engaged for obtaining approval with Council before construction can commence.

Mausoleum Free Standing

The Mausoleum Free Standing is an above ground structure usually dedicated to a particular family. An approval would need to be sought from Council’s Building department before any works can commence.

Reserving a Grave

Reserving a grave in advance, in your nominated cemetery and section, ensures your wishes are carried out.  It takes the task away from the family at an extremely emotional time. Complete and submit a Reservation Request Form. Fees apply.


To request an interment complete and submit an Interment Request Form no later than two business days prior to the interment date. Council will contact the applicant to confirm the date and time. Fees apply.

Constructing or Maintaining a Memorial

All memorials constructed or maintained in a cemetery (except the Lawn Plaque on Beam and Columbarium Wall section) must have approval from Council.

A Construction Or Maintenance of a Memorial Request Form or Construction Of Memorial Request Form – Angels Rest Only must be completed and the relevant fees paid.

Installing a Plaque Memorial

To arrange a plaque to be fitted to mark a grave or niche, complete and submit a Lawn Plaque Order Form or Niche Plaque Order Form. Council will obtain a quote and design for the applicant to approve. Once payment is made the plaque will be ordered and installed.

Interment Records

Council maintains approximately 30,000 interment records. Please contact Council to obtain any information regarding these records.

Historical Cemeteries

Pioneer and historical cemeteries within Mareeba Shire include:

  • Calcifer Cemetery, Calcifer Road
  • Koorboora Cemetery, Burke Developmental Road, Almaden
  • Mareeba Old Cemetery, Costin Street
  • Montalbion Pioneer Cemetery, Off Herberton-Petford Road
  • Mount Mulligan, Wason Street
  • Mt Carbine Cemetery, Cemetery Road
  • Mungana Cemetery, Off Burke Developmental Road, Mungana Reserve
  • Thornborough Cemetery, Thornborough Road
  • Watsonville Pioneer Cemetery, Off Herberton-Petford Road
  • Wolfram Camp Cemetery, Wolfram Camp Road
  • Gurrumbah Cemetery, Thornborough Road, Thornborough
  • Limestone Cemetery (also known as Anglo Saxon Mine and Groganville Township), Groganville
  • Northcote Cemetery, Northcote (private property)