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Take The Lead These School Holidays

By June 28, 2019August 30th, 2019No Comments

Dog owners are being encouraged to be extra vigilant over the school holiday period.

Mayor Tom Gilmore said that dog attacks are more prevalent during the school holidays for a number of reasons and can be avoided. “Dog attacks are no accident,” Cr Gilmore said.

“All dog owners would like to think their pet won’t show aggression towards other animals or people, but it can and does happen for many reasons.

“Dogs are very much protective in their own environment and when unfamiliar people come into their space, where they feel safe and secure, sometimes the dog will become defensive and show aggression.

“When children go over to their friends’ place and there is a family dog, adult supervision is paramount to avoid potential incidents,” he said.

Councillor Gilmore said it is also a timely reminder that all dogs must be on a leash at all times outside their property and under continuous supervision. “Everyone has the right to feel safe in a public place,” he said.

“There are laws in place to protect our community and penalties apply if people do not follow these requirements of owning a dog.”

“You are responsible and accountable for the actions of your dog.”

Councillor Gilmore said it is important to report any incident involving an aggressive dog.

“Council takes dog attacks very seriously. We will not tolerate people letting their dog harming other animals or people,” he said.

All dogs in Queensland must be registered by law.