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Supporting Arts and Culture

By April 28, 2021January 4th, 2022No Comments

From public murals to workshops and cultural tourism projects, the latest round of the Regional Arts Development Fund will support several initiatives, aimed to enhance arts and culture across the Shire.

Council recently endorsed funding of 12 creative projects through the RADF Program, a partnership between the Queensland Government and Mareeba Shire Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.

Projects represent a geographic spread of groups and individuals including those from Chillagoe, Mareeba, Mt Molloy, Mt Mulligan, Julatten, Kuranda and Speewah.

Mareeba Community Centre – Community on Canvas: Targeting people of diverse backgrounds, through supported attendance, a series of six art workshops will be facilitated by local artists to enhance wellbeing and community connection.   Participants will create unique pieces of art which reflect the importance of community and connectedness and the resulting artworks will be displayed at the 2021 Rotary Field Days.

Brioni McGrath – Save this Bumblebee from Disrepair: Performing artist, Brioni McGrath, is re-establishing her professional career after recently moving to Kuranda. To help gain professional recognition and local reputation, the artist requires a new costume that is integral to her act. The artist will perform at local events (without charge) which will also help to develop her career opportunities.

Mareeba State School – Mareeba Rolling Mural: This mural will showcase all aspects of the school activities including sporting, STEM, cultural, academic and social representations and demonstrate inclusivity to foster pride in both the Mareeba State School and the wider community. The local artist will draw inspiration from suggestions provided by students and the wider community to design and create the mural which will be displayed on a highly visible school fence.

Mareeba Heritage Centre – Place-Making: Brought to you by Art: Aiming to enhance the visitor experience and encourage visitors to explore the natural attractions of the Shire, the Mareeba Heritage Centre will engage the local artist to paint a unique mural inspired by Emerald Creek Falls. The mural will be located on an exterior wall on the back deck of the Centre within the Mareeba Heritage Coffee House.

Centre for Australasian Theatre – Creative Recovery Post COVID: The objective of this project is to re-ignite the local performing arts and creative community through performance and creative workshops at Geraghty Park and Mt Molloy Halls. The workshops will be held over a maximum 6-week period and cater for up to 50 participants.

Mt Molloy Boiler Block Benefit Committee – Tourism Signage and Site Improvement: This project aims to improve accessibility and understanding of the undeveloped JM Johnston Sawmill site, Mt Molloy, which includes an old brick boiler, a Walker steam winch and a large Marshall engine. The signage will inform the steady stream of visitors and tourists about the role that sawmilling played in the history of the region.

Bungaru Aboriginal Corporation – Igniting Art: Bungaru Aboriginal Corporation aims to develop the Chillagoe art industry and cultural tourism initiatives to enhance culture, wellbeing and economic development. Community members will participate in workshops to develop art skills and learn other traditional techniques. They will collaborate to create a turtle artwork/sculpture to be displayed in the Chillagoe Hub.

Kuranda Media Association – The Kuranda Paper Digital Archive Project: Celebrating 30 years of uninterrupted publication, The Kuranda Paper provides a unique and significant record of local history. To preserve this history and enhance accessibility, the Association plan to convert all editions to digital format and made them available online.

TTG Tourism Consulting (That Tourism Guy) – Mt Mulligan Adventure Trail: Phase 1 of this project will focus on the creation of video and photography content for the Mt Mulligan Adventure Drive tourism campaign that will be made available for use by the Council and local tourism industry stakeholders. Content will focus on bringing to life, the history, culture and stories from historically significant towns in the area.

Maggie Slater Music – Promotional Single Release: Maggie Slater is a young, Kuranda based, singer-songwriter and is preparing to release her new EP album “Sophomore”. This project includes the development of artwork, mastering and promotional campaigns and tour for the single and EP.

Speewah Residents Association – Roscommon Wall Mural: The Speewah District Residents Association will engage a local artist to create a new mural inspired by the Speewah Valley in Roscommon Park. The current mural on the tennis court block wall is in poor condition and will be removed. The previous artist supports the project. The new mural is in a prominent position and will reinforce community pride through its aesthetic appeal and enhance a sense of place.

Mareeba Art Society – Art on the Barron: Art on the Barron is a five-day art workshop to be led by professional Queensland artists in four visual art specialities. The workshops will provide high-quality arts skill development opportunities and culminate in an exhibition of participants artwork.