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Spike in Dog Attacks

By March 20, 2020April 10th, 2020No Comments

Mareeba Shire Council is pleading with pet owners to be responsible following a recent increase in dog attacks across the Shire.

A council spokesperson said Council has recorded a large spike in dog attacks in recent weeks.

“All dog owners would like to think their pet won’t show aggression towards other animals or people, but it can and does happen for many reasons,” he said.

“All dogs must be on a leash at all times outside your property and under continuous supervision.

“You are responsible for the actions of your dog,” he said.

Council is also reminding residents that it is important to report any incident involving an aggressive dog.

“Council takes dog attacks very seriously. We will not tolerate people letting their dog wander at large harming people or animals,” a Council spokesperson said.

There are laws in place to protect our community and penalties apply if people do not follow these requirements of owning a dog.

By law, all dogs in Queensland must be registered.