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Crocodile management zones changed in Mareeba Shire Council area

By July 24, 2017November 2nd, 2017No Comments

The Palaszczuk Government has responded to the Mareeba community’s concerns about crocodile safety by changing the Queensland Crocodile Management Plan (QCMP) to allow the targeting of all crocodiles for removal within certain Mareeba Shire Council areas.

Environment Minister Steven Miles said changes were made to the QCMP zoning maps following meetings with local mayors, including the Mayor of Mareeba Shire Council Cr Tom Gilmore, on 26 April.

“In response to concerns raised by Mareeba Shire Council, a new zoning (Zone F – atypical habitat zone) was applied to an area of Two Mile Creek near Mareeba on June 26 2017,” Mr Miles said.

“Over the weekend, a man was bitten by a saltwater crocodile at a property on Two Mile Creek and before that, there had been a number of reported sightings of saltwater crocodiles in the same area.”

Mr Miles said in accordance with the revised QCMP, any saltwater crocodiles reported in the Two Mile Creek area would be targeted for removal once their presence was confirmed.

“EHP officers would respond to any crocodile sighting reported in this zone by inspecting the area as soon as practicable to confirm the presence of the animal and to target the animal for removal once their presence has been confirmed,” he said.

“The rest of the Mareeba Shire will remain part is of Zone E, a General Management Zone, in which any crocodile displaying dangerous behaviour will be targeted for removal.

“The public should not handle crocodiles and should call 1300 130 372 so that wildlife officers can respond.”

Mayor Tom Gilmore thanked Minister Miles for changing the QCMP.

“This change to the Queensland Crocodile Management Plan will help keep the local community safe,” Mr Gilmore said.

“I encourage the community to be Crocwise in Mareeba and report sightings of any crocodiles to EHP.”