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Bitumen Reseal Program October 2022

By October 24, 2022November 14th, 2022No Comments

As part of Council’s commitment to providing high quality infrastructure, we allocate a substantial amount of funds for bitumen resealing each year.

Work to commence on Wednesday, 26 October 2022

Work will commence on Tuesday, 25 October 2022 on the following streets and the affected residents have been notified.

  • Earl Street
  • Fraser Street
  • Ferguson Street
  • Strattmann Street (part of)
  • Egan Street (part of)
  • Perkins Street
  • Walsh Street (part of)
  • Mason Street
  • Kennedy Street

The resealing works program is anticipated to take 15 days weather dependent, and the line marking will be scheduled after this time.

To ensure works can progress in a timely manner, residents are encouraged not to park on the street until sealing works are complete.

Why do we reseal?

Most of Council’s sealed roads are surfaced with a bituminous spray seal.  Over time the bitumen component becomes brittle, the seal begins to crack, and aggregate is lost in the surface.  Once the surface cracks, this may allow water to seep into the underlying pavement layers causing weak spots that result in potholes and soft spots.

We reseal to improve the waterproof barrier, reduce the risk of pavement failure and improve the surface texture (skid resistance) enhancing safety.

Being proactive in this program ensures the sealed road network remains in a good state and extends the life of the existing road pavement.

Preparation steps before resealing works

Work teams are currently preparing roads ahead of the resealing Contractors.

Works you may have seen already include:

  • Repairing failed or failing areas of road pavement
  • Shoulder grading

What happens next?

  • Bitumen is sprayed on the road to form the thin waterproof membrane
  • Aggregate is spread thinly over the top
  • A roller follows the laying of the aggregate to form a skid resistant surface

Why is there loose aggregate on my street?

Loose aggregate is only a temporary issue and will be either pushed into the new seal over time or eventually swept away.