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A Statement by Mareeba Shire Council to clarify the changes at the Waste Transfer Stations

By February 1, 2022No Comments

In November 2021 the last cell at the Mareeba Landfill was completely filled and is now being capped.

Council now must pay to transport the waste delivered to the Transfer Stations to the Springmount Landfill and then pay for its disposal there.

Because Council has to pay the extra cost of transporting and disposing of the waste, the one freeload of 100kg a month can no longer be offered.

The cost per tonne to dispose of domestic waste at the Transfer Station has not changed, it remains at$90/tonne and a trailer load at $16.50.

The only change is the loss of the option for a once a month free trailer load.

Council did recognise that some people don’t bring a trailer load, so has now introduced an additional option of $5/60 litre bag for those who bring smaller amounts.

Council will continue to look for cheaper options.

Download copy of below fact sheet here