Level 3 water restrictions are in place for residents in Chillagoe. Please see more information below.

Level 3: Chillagoe

Council has imposed Level 3 water restrictions for residents connected to the town’s water supply in Chillagoe, effective November 1 2017.

Although the Chillagoe Township is fed from three bores, the water supply is reaching a critically low level.

Mayor Tom Gilmore said unfortunately one of the bores failed last week due to a lack of water and another pump is currently being assessed and will undergo emergency repairs should it be deemed necessary.

“The town cannot survive with one bore which is already struggling to produce its maximum yield,” Cr Gilmore said.

“Without intervention, there is a very real chance that bore three may run dry and Council cannot take this risk.”

Council has moved swiftly to monitor and assess the town’s water capacity, deciding to introduce immediate Level 3 water restrictions as a precautionary measure. These restrictions will remain in place until further notice.

“For Council officers to adequately address the issue of a restricted water supply from the underground aquifer in Chillagoe, Level 3 Water Restrictions will be imposed in the township of Chillagoe to ensure continuity of water supply to the residents of Chillagoe,” Cr Gilmore said.