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Bicentennial Lakes Revitalisation

By January 19, 2018December 22nd, 2022No Comments

Mareeba Shire Council is pleased to present the draft Masterplan and Concept Drawing to the Bicentennial Lakes Revitalisation for consultation purposes.

Council believes that revitalising this parkland will benefit Mareeba by providing a focal point and visitor attraction for Mareeba that will support economic growth. Furthermore, Council believes that revitalising the parkland will build a stronger local community by:

  • encouraging active recreation,
  • providing opportunity for events,
  • providing an opportunity for the community to value the natural environment, and
  • connecting with other open spaces and pedestrian facilities.

This draft Masterplan and Concept Drawing is a starting point for consultation with a view to developing documentation that will support grant and subsidy applications into the future.

Council has committed to completing the new section of pathway and lighting parallel to Mason St as shown in the Masterplan prior to 30 June 2019. Funding for this work was secured in late 2017 under the Works for Queensland program.

The remainder of the Masterplan will potentially take years to deliver and will need several sources of funding.  As such, it will be imperative that a coordinated and inclusive approach is implemented to enable unified efforts towards the revitalisation.

For these reasons, we welcome and value your views on the draft Masterplan and Concept Drawing from the wider community. Consultation closes on 16 March 2018.

The Vision


  • Promotion of active leisure
  • Walking, running
  • Adventure playgrounds
  • Exercise stations
  • Complements pool, fitness trail

  • Natural sound theatre / amphitheatre
  • Weddings
  • Markets
  • Funruns

  • Provides a place for the study of the environment
  • Provides a place where the community can value a natural landscape
  • Artistic opportunity

  • Connects to other Council open spaces
  • Allows pedestrian traffic from the CBD to Mareeba west