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Mayor acknowledges town pride

By December 10, 2021No Comments

You will see them on the roadside on your way to work or the gym early in the morning, or on your way home. Dedicated individuals who voluntarily clean up the Shire every day.

Mayor Angela Toppin commends these selfless volunteers, “These people exemplify town pride and dedicate their mornings or evenings to helping our townships sparkle.”

“Mareeba has a reputation as a tidy town and with visitors arriving predominantly by road, these individuals help keep our Shire high on the list of places to go.”

Each year, Council invests heavily in road infrastructure and also in destination marketing but acknowledges that these efforts are improved by the contribution of these individuals who choose to give their time to keeping the towns tidy.

“As Mayor, I encourage all residents of the Mareeba Shire to acknowledge these people. On behalf of the Councillors, I sincerely thank them. Not only do they improve the look of our towns for visitors, but they spread the sense of community pride that is so strong in the Mareeba Shire.”