The Mareeba Industrial Park has a number of attributes which make it the most suitable location for large scale industrial development in Far North Queensland:

  • an abundant supply of relatively inexpensive, appropriately zoned land which will see over 180 ha of land being progressively developed over the next thirty years
  •  a secure water supply
  • able to accommodate all types of industrial activity
  • centrally located with sealed all weather road access
  • close to both rail and road transport depots
  • underground power, water, sewerage and telephone services provided to each lot
  • business owners can invest and be secure in the knowledge that there are adequate resources to support future growth and expansion opportunities

Fully serviced prime industrial land sites are available for sale in the Mareeba Industrial Park. Currently, available lots are as follows:

  • 1 Corner Lot x 14,700 m² on Effley Street;
  •  4 Adjoining Lots x 2,178 m2 (each) on Effley Street;
  • 1 Lot x 9,970 m2 on Effley Street;
  • 2 Adjoining Lots x 2,178 m² (each) on Gowan Street;
  • 1 Lot x 17,400 m² (132 metres x 132 metres) – this lot is the equivalent of eight of the standard sized 2,178m² lots and can be subdivided to suit specific business requirements. This lot has access on two sides (Martin Tenni Drive and Gowan Street);
  • 1 Lot x 2,288 m2 on Martin Tenni Drive (corner lot to Keegan Street).

All lots within the Industrial Park are currently priced for purchase at $55.00 per square metre plus GST. The purchase price will increase to $65.00 per square metre on 1 July 2019.

Development Obligation

As a condition of acquisition, a buyer must submit a development plan for the land they seek to acquire.

  • The value of the development works must be not less than $35.00 per square metre of land area
  • If more than one lot is acquired simultaneously, the value of the total development works can be spent on a single lot and not be spread evenly between lots
  • The works may be comprised of structural improvements, acquisition and installation of plant, or landscaping
  • The development plan is to be agreed with the Council prior to Council committing to the sale
  • The development plan forms part of the Contract documentation

Sale of land within the Industrial Park is also conditional on proposed developments being completed, or substantially completed, within a period of 12 months from date of purchase.

For more information please call 1300 308 461 or email