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Anzac Day

Apr 25, 2018

There will be a number of services across the Shire to commemorate Anzac Day.

Dawn Service 4.28am at Town Hall
March: Assemble 9.15am at 10 Acre Park, Service 9.30am at Town Hall; followed by morning tea

Dawn Service: Assemble 5.45am adjacent Foodworks Service 6.00am at Memorial Hall

Dawn Service: Assemble 5.30am at Railway Station; followed by breakfast
March: Assemble 10.15am adjacent Foodworks, Service 10.30am at Centenary Park

Dawn Service: Assemble 4.15am adjacent RSL, Service 4.28am at Cenotaph
March: Assemble 9.45am adjacent RSL, Service 10.00am at Cenotaph

Mt Molloy
Dawn Service: Assemble 6.30am at Cenotaph
March: Assemble Vains Park 11:00am, Service 11.30am at Cenotaph

Service: Assemble 10.00am at School of Arts Hall

Service: Assemble 3.00pm at Western Progress Association Hall