If your incident is life-threatening always dial 000 to be connected to Emergency Services.

The Mareeba Shire region is vulnerable to natural and non-natural hazards which have the potential to create disaster events. To ensure an effective and efficient response to and recovery from a disaster event, it is important to have effective and coordinated disaster management arrangements in place.

Mareeba Shire Council has a Local Disaster Management Group (LDMG). They are responsible for implementing disaster management arrangements which address disaster mitigation (via risk reduction), preparedness, response and recovery issues and ensuring that regular training and exercising is undertaken to ensure procedures are robust and resilient.

When an event occurs the LDMC will establish a Disaster Coordination Centre and has primary responsibility for coordinating the management of the community response within its boundaries. The Local Disaster Management Plan created in association with the Local Disaster Management Group, details the disaster management arrangements for the area, and outlines the roles and responsibilities of the various agencies involved in disaster management.

During an emergency, updates will be posted on the Mareeba Shire Council Facebook page.

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