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Mareeba Airport Upgrade

The Mareeba Airport is located approximately 22 nautical miles (10-15 minutes’ flying time) west of Cairns International Airport. Mareeba Airport’s origins date back to the Second World War when the entire Mareeba district had strategic military significance and played a major role in the success of the Battle of the Coral Sea campaign. The airport was constructed at this time and was used as a refuelling and re-armament base for Australian and American bombers. The current runway was one of two originally constructed, over what was then a vast military complex.

Mareeba Airport is now integral to the state’s economy in terms of aircraft movements, tourism, industrial precinct facilities, expansion capacity and a hub for general aviation in the Far North Queensland/Cairns Region. The Mareeba Airport is in close proximity to Cairns, has a very large training area, excellent weather conditions, uncontrolled airspace (with controlled airspace near at hand when required) and a relatively low population base. This makes Mareeba Airport an ideal facility for general aviation maintenance and training.

The Mareeba Airport Upgrade Project is funded by the Queensland Government and the Australian Government through the National Stronger Regions Fund and the project is being delivered by Mareeba Shire Council. Work on the Mareeba Airport Upgrade commenced in the 2015-16 financial year and the project is scheduled for completion by August 2018.

Download Airport Upgrade Factsheet:

Airport Fact Sheet (382.2 KiB, 34 downloads)

Download Lease Application Form:

Airport Development Guidelines (156.6 KiB, 10 downloads)

Download Aerodrome Development Guidelines:

Lease Application Form (135.0 KiB, 9 downloads)

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