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Early Warning Network

By December 5, 2016November 23rd, 2017No Comments

Mareeba Shire Council has negotiated with the Early Warning Network (EWN) for them to provide households with free severe weather alerts.

Mareeba Shire residents can now register for the EWN to receive free alerts about severe weather and other emergency events relevant to our area.

The alerts are location-based, so you only receive warnings if your residential address may be impacted. The alerts are sent by email, SMS to your mobile, or voice message to a landline.

If you choose both the SMS and landline options, only extreme alerts will be sent to your landline. By monitoring the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) weather warning and other sources, EWN sends alerts based on potentially dangerous weather events.

The alerts cover weather events such as; hail and severe thunderstorms, destructive winds and cyclones, floods and fires from a number of different sources.

To view more information regarding Emergencies and Disasters and to register for Early Warning Network go to Council’s Disaster Management page