Concessions & Remissions

Are you a Pensioner?

If you are the holder of a current Centrelink Pensioner Concession Card or a Department of Veteran’s Affairs Gold Card, and reside at your property permanently, you may be eligible for Pensioner Rates Remissions.

Council grants a remission of 30% of the differential general rates (excluding interest and other charges) up to a maximum of $240.00 per year if eligible.

In addition to the remission allowed by Council, the State Government will grant a remission which is administered by Council.  A further 20% remission is allowed to approved pensioners up to a maximum of $200 per annum on rates and charges plus an additional subsidy on the State Emergency Management Levy.

For more information see Council’s Rate Rebate and Remission Policy’.

To apply, complete the online form or download a copy of Council’s Application for Pensioner Rates Remissions below and return it to Council. In order to confirm your eligibility for Pensioner Rates Remissions, a copy of your Pensioner Concession Card or Gold Card must be attached to the form.

Eligible Cards

Ineligible Cards

Not-for-profit Remission

Council grants a remission to approved not-for-profit community, recreation and sporting organisations.  To be eligible you must meet the criteria documented in the Council’s Rate Rebates and Remission Policy.

To apply, please complete the online form or download the Application for Rates and/or Charge Remission for Not-for-profit organisations.

Home Renal Dialysis Concession

Council provides financial assistance to the property owner to offset water usage costs for users of home renal dialysis equipment.  Council can also provide additional waste collection properties where home dialysis patients reside.

For more information see Council’s Water and Waste Concessions for Home Renal Dialysis Policy.

To apply, please complete the online form or download the application form here.