Purchasing an Interment Right (Reservation)

An interment right is the exclusive right to inter remains or ashes in a specific cemetery allotment.

An interment right may be purchased in advance of need (a reservation), in your preferred cemetery and section.  This helps to ensure that your wishes are carried out and is one less task for your family at what can be an emotional time. Cemetery allotments are allocated at Council’s discretion, being the next available position in the appropriate cemetery section.

To purchase an interment right in advance of need, please contact Council’s Customer Service Team and complete and submit an Interment Right (Reservation) Application. Fees and Charges apply.

An interment right that has not been used can be surrendered back to Council or may on approval be transferred to the next of kin or family member by submitting an Application to Surrender or Transfer an Interment Right.

An interment right may also be purchased at need, as part of the interment (burial) request.

For more information, please contact our Customer Service Team 1300 308 461 or email cemeteries@msc.qld.gov.au