Information regarding collection days can be found below. For any inquiries regarding kerbside rubbish collection please call 1300 308 461.

Please note you must keep your wheelie bin clean and in good repair. The wheelie bin should be securely covered, except when the bin has been placed out for waste collection or it is being cleaned.

The following items must not be put into a wheelie bin:

  • a liquid, semi-liquid or moist substance, unless the substance is securely wrapped or contained to prevent the substance leaking from the wrapper or container;
  • material that is smouldering or aflame;
  • a matter or a thing that is alive.

To ensure your waste is collected on your collection day, please ensure that your wheelie bin is placed out adjacent to the kerbside in front of your premises the night before collection. Access to the bin must be unobstructed for collection vehicles.

Collection times on your collection day can vary from week to week. Failure to put your wheelie bin out the night before collection may result in your waste not being collected on collection day. If you have a genuine missed collection please call 1300308461.

If you have missed your waste collection service, you may take your waste to your local Transfer Station for disposal.

You may only put out one wheelie bin per residence for waste collection unless you have arranged for additional services with Council.

Council strives to ensure the most efficient waste collection service for its ratepayers. To maintain a cost effective service, repetitive claims of missed collections are being monitored by Council. In the event that Council identifies a person making repetitive, non-genuine claims about a missed collection service, the Council may take action under the Environmental Protection Regulation 2008.

Collection Days

Be wheelie wise

  • Place your bin on the kerbside of the road the night before collection
  • The wheelie bin must be accessible for collection trucks
  • The bin lid must be able to close
  • One wheelie bin per residence
  • Use an approved wheelie bin
  • Keep your wheelie bin clean and in good repair
  • After collection, return it to your property promptly
  • Secure all rubbish placed in the bin e.g. bag or wrap up loose items
  • Ensure that rubbish is not smouldering or aflame