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Bridge Works

Oaky Creek Bridge Upgrade – Springmount Road – Completed

Bridge now open to all traffic

Council has been successful in securing Australian Government funding of $170,000 (50 / 50 with Council) under Round Two of the Bridges Renewal Programme.

This project is to renew an aged and structurally compromised single lane timber bridge on Oaky Creek, Springmount Road with a one lane concrete bridge.

The renewal will open up 11.3km of rural collector heavy vehicle mass road to large scale sugar cane growers to access Springmount Road as their primary connection and most direct route to the Tableland Sugar Mill.

The bridge will be designed and constructed as a one lane bridge but will be able to carry highway loadings.

Project Status

  • Oaky Creek Bridge is now open to traffic.
  • Some minor work to complete on the approach guardrails and bridge abutments, which will be completed in the coming weeks under traffic control.


Oaky Creek Bridge







Walsh River Bridge Upgrade – Springmount Road – Completed

Bridge now opened to all traffic

Council has received funding through the Roads to Regions (R2R) and Transport Infrastructure Development Scheme (TIDS) toward the reconstruction of the timber bridge on Springmount Road over the Walsh River.

This project is to renew an aged and structurally compromised single lane timber bridge with a one lane concrete bridge with a capable carrying capacity of 44t.

The initial works on the bridge will be to widen the existing abutments and piers to cater for the placement of the standard concrete deck units that will then be installed.  These works will be managed under traffic control.  It is only after this work is finished that the road will be closed to allow the removal of the existing timber bridge deck and that placement of the new concrete girders, bridge rails and deck wearing surface.

From the Contractors current program, the road is likely to be closed for 35 working days.  Those affected by the closure will be informed as soon Council has a firm date.

Construction is programmed to be completed before 30 June 2016.

Bridge Update

The upgrade of the existing timber bridge over the Walsh River on Springmount Road with a one lane concrete bridge with a capable carrying capacity of highway loadings has commenced.

Notice has been given under the Provisions of the Transport Operations (Road Use Management) Act 1995 that Springmount Road bridge over the Walsh River will be closed to all traffic from 8AM Monday, 14 March 2016.

Works are expected to result in the closure until Friday, 3 June 2016 inclusive.

Any inconvenience is regretted and the cooperation and patience of motorists will be appreciated. In the interest of public safety, please observe all traffic control warning devices.

During this period motorists are advised an alternative route is available via Chettle Road.

Enquiries with regard to this matter, can be directed to Council’s Infrastructure Services Administration on 07 4086 4757.

springmount road

Progress photos 7 April 2016

IMG_8060 IMG_8063

Progress photos 16 May 2016

IMG_8511 IMG_8529 IMG_8535

Progress photos 20 May 2016

IMG_8564 IMG_8574 IMG_8577

Progress photos 6 June 2016

IMG_8681 IMG_8686 IMG_8687

Progress photos 14 June 2016

IMG_8780 IMG_8797 IMG_8805 IMG_8809

Progress photos 16 June 2016

IMG_8833 IMG_8834 IMG_8837

Bridge update completed 4 July 2017

IMG_2673 IMG_2674 IMG_2676

Grove Creek Bridge – Speewah – Completed

Bridge now open to all traffic

Mareeba Shire Council has received funding approval under the Australian Government Bridges Renewal Programme towards the upgrading of the bridge over Grove Creek on Speewah Road, Speewah to a two lane bridge with the necessary two lane road approaches and tapers.

As the road is the only access for the Speewah community, it will be necessary that vehicles can cross the creek at all times.  As a consequence, Council proposes to widen the bridge on one side only and utilise the existing abutments to form the required two lanes for the new bridge.

Project Status:

  • Both new abutment extensions have now been constructed
  • the new girders are proposed to be placed on the new bridge abutments on 18 February 2016
  • construction of the required road widening will then take place to enable traffic to then be transferred onto the widened Speewah Road
  • once traffic is relocated onto the widened Speewah Road, the deck of the old bridge will be removed, the existing abutments modified and new concrete girders placed
  • the new bridge and roadworks are proposed, subject to weather conditions, to be finalised by 28 April 2016


Stage 1 Girders being placed

grove creek 1







grove creek 2







grove creek 3


Relieving Slabs and Southern Approach Roadworks

Grove creek 4

Grove creek 5

Grove creek 6

Grove creek 7

Deck Sealing, Chip Seal and Asphalt Works



Removal of old bridge


Progress photos 24/5/16


Progress photos 1/6/16


Progress photos 6/6/16


Transverse stressing complete along with backfilling, prior to forming up and pouring relieving slabs.


Progress photos 14/6/16


Completed photos