Q-MSC2020-19 – Marketing the Mareeba Shire Council and Tablelands Regional Council Areas

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Mareeba Shire Council hereby invites written tenders for Marketing the Mareeba Shire Council and Tablelands Regional Council Areas

The Tablelands Regional Council and the Mareeba Shire Council are calling for three (3) year destination marketing proposals to attract visitors to their areas.
The marketing campaign is to focus on attracting local, regional, intrastate and interstate visitors as the COVID-19 pandemic travel restrictions change during the next three years, and on increasing visitor length of stay and spend in the region.

$50,000 per annum is available to fund the implementation of the three (3) year marketing plan for both local government areas.
Alternatively, proposals will be accepted for marketing one of the respective local government areas with $25,000 available per annum over three years for implementation of each plan.

Marketing Collateral
Limited marketing collateral is available with more collateral needing to be developed during the implementation of the three year (3) plan including, but not limited to, imagery and hero shots, stakeholder and consumer/industry databases, Facebook and Instagram accounts, development of digital content for distribution via industry and other digital distribution channels. The cost for the development of this collateral is to be factored into the proposed marketing plan.

Key Messaging
“Atherton Tablelands” brand messaging can be used to promote the Tablelands Regional Council area and the key brand messaging to promote the Mareeba Shire Council area will be finalised with the successful applicant.

Marketing Plan
A written proposal for the three-year (3) destination marketing plan should address the following specific items at a minimum:

  • A written quotation including marketing activities, target markets, timeframes and costs.
  • Clearly identify if the quotation is for the destination marketing of both local government areas jointly, OR whether the proposal applies to marketing only one of the local government areas.
  • Identification of leveraging and collaborative marketing opportunities.
  • Identification and cost of subcontractors if any activities are to be subcontracted.
  • Demonstrated ability to design and implement destination marketing especially for rural and remote regions with reference to key target markets.
  • Identified KPIs for Local Government governance and reporting purposes.
  • Availability to commence marketing activities from 13th October 2020.

Tender documents are available on Council’s online e-procurement system, Tenderlink – www.tenderlink.com/msc
All enquiries or clarifications must be via the online forum which will close 1 day prior to closing time. Council officers are unable to respond to verbal or emailed enquiries.
The closing time for electronic lodgement of Tenders is 11.00 am Tuesday 18 August 2020.

Regulation 228(7) of the Local Government Regulation 2012 may be applied.

Tender will not be opened publicly. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.

Peter Franks
Chief Executive Officer