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Local Government Regulation 2012

This is an Auction Notice under section 142 of the Local Government Regulation 2012 (‘the Regulation’).

During the period 05 February 2024 to 27 February 2024, Mareeba Shire Council issued Notices of Intention to Sell pursuant to section 140 of the Regulation to sell the land described below by way of auction.

You are hereby notified that Mareeba Shire Council intends to proceed with the auction for the sale of land described in below under sections 141 to 143 of the Regulations unless all overdue rates, interest and other amounts are paid immediately.

Full description of land to be sold by auction:

Auction time and place:

Time Place
3pm on Thursday 25th July 2024 Apollo Auctions


Click here to view the Auction.


DATED: this 24th day of June 2024

Should you require further information please contact CLH Lawyers on 1300 314 443.