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Churchill Fellowship – Applications close 1 May 2024

Travel the world to pursue your passion

Would you like to travel overseas for four to eight weeks to explore a topic or issue that you’re passionate about, and come back and share your knowledge for the benefit of Australia? Why not apply for a Churchill Fellowship?

Churchill Fellows have created some of the most well-known innovations, and include Questacon, the Playschool Theme song, and Unit Pricing in Supermarkets, Neighbourhood watch, just to name a few.

The Churchill Trust was set up in 1965 after the death of Sir Winston Churchill, when the Australian public gave generously in what was one of the country’s largest ever door-knock
appeals. Almost six decades ago, on 28 February 1965, the “Churchill Memorial Sunday” doorknock appeal was held across Australia. The doorknock was to raise funds for an unusual type of memorial to Sir Winston. The concept, endorsed by Churchill before he died, was Fellowships, bearing his name, for ordinary people – providing a unique opportunity to travel, learn, and bring knowledge back to their country. Such was the admiration and respect that Australian fighting men and women of World War II held for Churchill, that this became one of the greatest one-day doorknocks in Australian history.

Since then, the Winston Churchill Trust has sent more than 4,600 Australians overseas to pursue their passion and bring what they learned back for the benefit of the community.

2024 application round — opens 1 March 9:00am – 1 May 5.00pm AEST

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