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PROPOSED aMENDING SUBORDINATE LOCAL LAW NO. 2 (Miscellaneous Subordinate Local Laws) 2019


PURPOSE: Mareeba Shire Council (Council) adopted a new suite of local laws in 2018 and is closely monitoring the effectiveness of the new local laws.  Where appropriate, to ensure that the local laws are necessary or convenient for the good rule and local government of its local government area, Council may amend the local laws.

The purpose of this local law is to amend:-

  • Subordinate Local Law No.1 (Administration) 2018 to—
    • include additional prescribed requirements for advertising devices that do not require an approval; and
    • increase the property size where a pig can be kept without an approval;
    • amend the requirements in relation to constructing a grid on a road;
    • fix typographical errors and renumber; and
  • Subordinate Local Law No.2 (Animal Management) 2018 to—
    • amend section 4 (Definitions)
    • amend numbering in schedule 1;
    • fix typographical errors; and
  • Subordinate Local Law 3 (Community and Environmental Management) 2018 to:
    • amend the definitions in section 4;
    • insert a reference to schedule 4 at section 9A;
    • insert noise standards in schedule 5;
    • fix typographical errors; and
  • Subordinate Local Law No.4 (Local Government Controlled Areas, Facilities and Roads) 2018 to fix typographical errors and renumber schedule 1.

The anti-competitive provision review was prepared in accordance with legislative requirements and is attached for public consideration.


During the consultation period the proposed local law will be available on Council’s website  Copies of the local law will also be available at Council offices at 65 Rankin Street, Mareeba, Qld, 4880.

Written submissions are invited for a 14-day period commencing on 22 August 2019 and ending at 5pm on 6 September 2019, which has been extended until 13 September 2019 (“the consultation period”).

Written submissions by any person supporting or objecting to the proposed local law may be made and given to the local government on or before the last day of the consultation period stating—

  1. the grounds of the submission; and
  2. the facts and circumstances relied on in support of the submissions.

Submissions must be addressed to The Chief Executive Officer and lodged:

  • In person at Council’s office, 65 Rankin Street, Mareeba, Qld, 4880
  • By Email
  • By Post to Mareeba Shire Council, PO Box 154, Mareeba, Qld, 4880

If you have any queries or require any further information in relation to how to lodge a submission please contact Council’s Governance & Development Department on 1300 308 461 or via email at