Earthquakes are a shaking or trembling of the Earth’s crust caused by the release of huge stresses due to underground volcanic forces, the breaking of rock between the surface, or by a sudden movement along an existing fault line.

Earthquakes are unpredictable and strike without warning. They range in strength from slight tremors to great shocks lasting from a few seconds to a few minutes.
It is much the same for any disaster where you should follow the simple steps of Get Ready Queensland:

  1. Have an emergency plan
  2. Prepare an evacuation plan
  3. Have an emergency kit
  4. Prepare your home
  5. Tune into warnings
  6. Check your neighbours, and
  7. Have a pet emergency plan

During an earthquake

If indoors:

  • Stay there (clear of falling debris outside).
  • Keep clear of windows, chimneys and overhead fittings. Shelter under and hold onto a door frame, strong table or bench.
  • In high-rise buildings, stay clear of windows and outer walls. Shelter under a desk near a pillar or internal wall.
  • Do not use elevators.
  • In crowded buildings, do not rush for doors, but move clear of overhead fittings and shelves.

If outside:

  • Keep well clear of buildings, overhead structures, walls, bridges, powerlines, trees, etc.
  • On a city street, shelter from falling debris under strong archways or doorways of buildings. Don’t go under awnings as they may collapse.

If in a vehicle:

  • Stop in an open area until the shaking stops
  • Beware of downed powerlines and road damage, including overpasses and bridges.
  • Listen to your car radio for warnings before moving.

Find out more information about earthquakes here.