All dogs must be registered in Queensland. In Mareeba Shire, dogs must be registered and microchipped once they reach 12 weeks of age and/or within 14 days of new ownership.

Council maintains a database of registered dogs and if your dog becomes lost or is involved in an accident, you have a much better chance of being reunited if it is registered.

Registration fees help to fund the wide variety of animal management services undertaken by Council’s Environmental Services department.

How to Register my dog:

  • Download and print out the registration form (above) or ask for a form at a Council Customer Service Centre.
  • Submit your completed form to Council with proof of microchip number and de-sexing  (if applicable).
  • Pay applicable fees.
  • Receive tag and attach it to dog collar.
  • Keep Council up to date on any change of address/ownership/phone numbers.

You MUST within 14 days, inform Council in writing, of any changes to your dog’s registration details, including:

  • If it is kept at a new property address
  • If your contact numbers have changed;
  • If you have had your dog desexed;

You MUST also within 14 days inform Council if you leave the Shire, give your dog away or it dies.

Council offers refunds (on a pro-rata basis) to dog owners if they get their dogs desexed during the registration period. Proof of sterilization needs to be supplied upon request for refund.